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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why we need to sleep?

Everyone I met will always complain that they are deprive of their beauty sleep. Adults need to sleep for at least eight hours each day. Our brains would repair itself when we sleep, which explains why our mental strengh would be stronger when we have enough rest or sleep soundly. During deep sleeping mode the organs in our body would work hard to expel all the impurities and toxin from our systems. People need to sleep less as they get older but they are prone to sleep disturbances compared to younger adults.
Do you have difficulty sleeping?


smallkucing said...

sometimes..thats why i read

Merryn said...

i dun have difficulty sleeping... BUT i just dont get enuf sleep ! :D

[SK] said...

i never have difficulties in sleeping, but maybe having difficulty in getting enough of sleep, hahahahahaha!! how can i just wake up to work without lazying on the bed?? :p

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