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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

License to Teach

The Star reported on 21st May 2010.....
"Education Ministry mulls licence for teachers
Teachers may be required to sit for a qualifying exam to obtain their teaching licence just like doctors and lawyers if the Education Ministry's proposal is accepted. Deputy Education minister Dr Puad Zarkashi said the licensing was proposed as an initiative to ensure professionalism in the teaching profession and to avoid bogus teachers or those involved in criminal activities from remaining in the profession."

Bogus teacher?
Do you think this proposal is feasible?


smallkucing said...

viable but really have to have a lot of planning. Yes, there are some bogus teachers around

[SK] said...

i would think this is a very good initiatives, which make teaching kind of a professional job.. :)

suituapui said...

Another stupid exam? Don't they already have what they call PTK? They should know who the useless teachers are and they can just kick them out!!! Too many politics involved - that is the problem.

One case of a teacher caught in the act - having sex with a student...the vcd selling like hot cakes. The guy was merely shifted to another school, a better one nearer to a major town even. Should have sacked this kind of people. This is just one case. Lots of cases...all swept under the carpet!

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