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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 Months Maternity Leave

It was recently suggested by certain party to increase the number of maternity leave to 90 days instead of the normal practice of 30 or 60 days. Taking care of newborn is not an easy task especially if you are first time mother. Furthermore, many couples might no have any relatives to help them especially if they stay in the city, far away from their hometown. If your look at this in the employers' perspective, they might not agree to extend maternity leave for mothers. Companies that are small or running on low budget may have problem giving paid leave for 90 days.
So, what is your say?


manglish said...

i agree hahaahhahha

Bananazஇ said...

Think currently its mostly 60 days which is good enough. But to go 90 days would be asking too much from the employer and also office colleagues or customers. Its boils down to planning the schedule after all the mother has 9 months to plan for baby sitting etc..tQ.

suituapui said...

60 days is already too long.

Confinement period is only 30 days...and imagine the colleagues having to stand in for so long - especially when they do not employ a replacement! They would be cursing and swearing - both mum and baby wouldn't have a good life!

And if the mum's a teacher, imagine deserting the students for three whole months with an incompetent temporary replacement who will mess up everything and the students will learn nothing!!! Who will be on the losing end? The poor students.

If mums are that concerned about bonding and family love, they should just take leave without pay - a year or two or more. Many do that right now! I kowtow to these TRUE mothers! These have my utmost respect!

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