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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Latest iOS 4 Update for iPhone, iPod Touch Released

The latest major update for Apple iphone and iPod Touch can now be downloaded via iTunes. It feature the latest addition of multitasking, unified e-mail inbox and home screen apps folders. Those with iPnone 3GS and 3G; second & third generation iPod Touches can upgrade. However, iPhone 3G and second gen iPod Touch would not support iOS4's Multitasking Features....ha ha h, Too bad! Get a new phone! LOL!
Listed below are all the new features of this release,

Home-screen app folders
New camera/imaging features
Other iOS 4 features
Home-screen wallpaper
Integrated e-mail inbox & threaded messaging

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Condom Sales In Korea Up 5 Fold During World Cup Season

I have just read in the news that condom sales in Korea was up by 5 fold ever since the world cup in Greece opening night. I am still wondering how to relate sex with the soccer games? Ok, both are made from rubbers; soccer ball, rubber inside and leather outside and condoms from natural rubbers. Probably this is the only similarity. So is it that watching soccer can make a person horny? Luckilly I am not a football fan! wa ka ka ka......

Friday, June 11, 2010

Enter the Rape-aXe, the anti rape condom

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers created the anti rape condom and they are giving away 30000 pieces of them to woman in South Africa before the start of the World Cup soccer games. The Rape-aXe is covered by tiny hooks which would attach themselves to the rapist's penis. The only way to remove the condom is in the hospital but it would not cut the attacker's skin thus reducing the risk of STDs and HIV infection.

Do you think this type of anti rape condom is effective or it might make the situation worse, in which the attacker might become more aggresive and hurt the victim?
Some jokers might use it for foreplay and end up in the hospitals!
Rape-aXe anti rape condom Photos

Taiwanese Actress Lin Chi Ling is the most sexiest woman in the world

35 years old Taiwanese actress, Lin Chi Ling ( 林志玲; pinyin: Lín Zhìlíng, born 29 November 1974, in Taipei, Taiwan) is named as Taiwan’s FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the world. Lin Chi-ling acted in John Woo's historic epic film, Red Cliff, portraying one of olden China most beautiful woman. Lin beats Lady Gaga, buxomly Taiwanese Pop Princess, Jolin Tsai, who is now ranked fourth, top model Sun Yunyun, Victoria Secret's Angel, Marisa Miller at fifth placing, followed by Patty Hou, Tia Lee, Amber Ann, Sharon Hsu, and Jenna Wang for the top position.
Congratulations to Lin Chi Ling.

Search and Rescue operation to look for Abby Sunderland - Attempt to become youngest person to sail around the world

Abby Sunderland, a 16 year old California girl who was trying to become the youngest person to sail around the world alone, lost contact with her familly when she sailed into a storm in Southern Indian Ocean. A search and rescue operation is being conducted to look for her. Abby Sunderland left Marina Del Rey dock on 23 January 2010 to sail around the world alone. Everyone is still waiting for the latest news about her.

Pray that she is ok.

Abby's blog:

Which Country would be 2010 FiFA World Cup Champion in South Africa? - World Cup Schedule and Coverage Links

Below is the list of countries participating in the World cup soccer tournament.

South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Argentina, Nigeria, South Korea, Greece , England, United States, Algeria, Slovenia, Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon, Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia, Brazil, North Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile.

Favourites are Brazil and Spain. Which country do you think would win the 2010 South Africa soccer world cup?

Fifa World cup schedule and coverage links

Thursday, June 10, 2010

10th Malaysia Plan - Entry age for school lowered to five

It was announced today that the government plan to lower the entry age for school from 6 to 5. This plan would be carried out in stages. The proposal is part of 10th Malaysian plan to ensure that our country would be at par with developed countries.

Do you think this proposal is feasible?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Possible After Effect of Tokoh Nilam Revelation of his Secret of being active all the time

A male teacher who won the inaugural Terengganu Tokoh Nilam award for outstanding teachers, told The Star that his secret to remaining active was to read and have sex nightly. His revelation caused a mixed reaction among Malaysians.

Mandy would like to look at the possible after effect of his revelation in a humorous way.

At School
A new sex education sylabus is being drafted because the government suddenly realised that the teacher are ready to teach them.

At Home
Majority of homes had its' light shut off after 9pm every night. Unfortunately, this cause our national electricity usage to drop and the government might scrap the plan to build a nuclear plant.

Rubber Price
The commodity price for rubber suddenly shot up because of the raw material demand from condom makers.

Our Nation Population
Our population was projected to increase by 30% in 2011.

At the hospital
Vacancies Available - We need a huge numbers of midwife and nursery nurses to cater for a sudden baby boom!

At every Company
A New Memo - To increase productivity, employees are encourage to have sex every day. Single workers will be issued with a free latest Candy Girl Jewel "Rosa" top of the line buxom Japanese love doll model from Orient Industries.

Indonesian police probe celebrities Nazril Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari over sex videos in the Internet

It was reported in JAKARTA (AFP - Thursday, June 10) that three Indonesian celebrities who allegedly appeared in sex videos posted on the Internet will be questioned for possible breaches of a new Indonesian anti-pornography law.
Two explicit video clips that were widely circulated in the internet appear to show popular singer Nazril Ariel having sex with models and television presenters, pretty Luna Maya (his current girlfriend) and sexy, Cut Tari (his ex-girlfriend).
Maya is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme and has appeared in advertisements with Ariel for a soap manufactured by Anglo Dutch food and cosmetics leader Unilever, while Tari endorses Sharp air conditioners. Wooo, this is getting hot! LOL!

The price to pay for being famous? Another Edison Chen like scandal in the making?
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