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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Possible After Effect of Tokoh Nilam Revelation of his Secret of being active all the time

A male teacher who won the inaugural Terengganu Tokoh Nilam award for outstanding teachers, told The Star that his secret to remaining active was to read and have sex nightly. His revelation caused a mixed reaction among Malaysians.

Mandy would like to look at the possible after effect of his revelation in a humorous way.

At School
A new sex education sylabus is being drafted because the government suddenly realised that the teacher are ready to teach them.

At Home
Majority of homes had its' light shut off after 9pm every night. Unfortunately, this cause our national electricity usage to drop and the government might scrap the plan to build a nuclear plant.

Rubber Price
The commodity price for rubber suddenly shot up because of the raw material demand from condom makers.

Our Nation Population
Our population was projected to increase by 30% in 2011.

At the hospital
Vacancies Available - We need a huge numbers of midwife and nursery nurses to cater for a sudden baby boom!

At every Company
A New Memo - To increase productivity, employees are encourage to have sex every day. Single workers will be issued with a free latest Candy Girl Jewel "Rosa" top of the line buxom Japanese love doll model from Orient Industries.


suituapui said...

Not surprised... What to expect from "those people"? They only have one thing on their minds - sex! And they just have to brag to the whole world about it... Really disgraceful!

smallkucing said...


[SK] said...

and i hope he only have sex with his wife at home, and not any other sex partner elsewhere.. or else, i guess your list of after effects would have to be drastically changed.. :p

manglish said...

hahahaah i was going to write a post on this oso....

vialentino said...

i know malays sex drive is high...dats why can have 4 wife...kekeke

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