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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Voice Recorded Answering Machine

There are many companies using automated voice recording to answer incoming phone call. One of the most common ones are the banks. I always have problem trying to decide which response number I should press and by the time the session recording ends, I would forget what was said earlier. Then I have to hang up and call back again. Back to square one and start all over again. Some of the options available also doesn't make sense.
Care to share what you think of these type of answering machine?


smallkucing said...

Hate to talk to machine and listen to the "music". Get very frustrated coz some times after pressing so many buttons, get cuts off pulak :(

Kelvin said...

I always wanted to murder the one who thought of using answering machine.

vialentino said...

not sure ppl still got use voice answering machine ...hehehe

fufu said...

hahaha yeah japan has better answering machine i bet... still i would like to talk with people... but sometime it would take such a long time for my line to get through ><

tuti said...

only the telephony company benefits from all that holding and re-calling.

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