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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clinic Refuses to treat injured child

The local newspaper reported recently that a clinic refused to treat a child who was critically injured due to child abuse. If I am not mistaken, there have been many reports regarding general practitioners in clinics refusing to treat gravely injured victims. I am not sure what is the doctor's reason for not helping these poor victims but I think as a doctor, they should at least help the injured by giving first aid. Aren't doctors suppose to help people? What happen to their sense of social responsibility? What is your say?


smallkucing said...

Personally have seen one case. Happen to my colleague. There was a robbery and she fainted. Send her to the clinic next door and the doctor refused to treat her.

Some docs are very scardy cat..scared if the patient kaput, that they will be sued.

Alice Law said...

Dear Mandy,

I used to work in a clinic as a part timer after my SPM, my doctors never take any "police case" either... simply because they afraid of getting themselve in trouble!!(cowardy antics)

We normally would bandage the injured victims, secured the bleeds then asked him to rush to the nearest hospital! However, I think it would be wiser for the victimes to visit a hospital in the very 1st place! NEVER WASTE TIME IN THE CLINIC interms of severe injury!

have a nice day to you!

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