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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Malaysian Nuclear Power Plant

While the industrial sectors welcome the setting up of nuclear power plant in Malaysia to boost the supply of electricity, the news caused some mixed reaction from the public at large. Is there an alternative and safer method? Do you think our country have the expertise and right people to run the plant efficiently? What is your view?


Jonathan said...

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smallkucing said...

Msia have the expertise and people but what am worry about the skimming in the cost might lead to disaster

vialentino said...

worry lah malaysia own built nuclear plant

Anonymous said...

No to nuclear power plant!!

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment :)

Alice Law said...

When I first heard about the news, my reaction was a definite "NO"!! Regardless of having expertise nor professionals, it's the mother earth that I'm concern... we have done enough harm to her, enough is enough!! Apparently the nature is fighting back, deminish any harmful project before it's too late... sigh~!

Thanks for dropping by My Little Sprouts, nice blog you have here(like the global chat)!

[SK] said...

i think this would be an alternative to the future when we run out of oil for energy.. but i definitely would think the nuclear power generation must be handled very carefully.. hmmm, i guess most probably there will be expats to run the plant, well you know, this is malaysia..

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