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Friday, May 28, 2010

Trying Tissot Watches on Touch Screen

At first Shiseido lauched a virtual make up mirror that allows you to see how their product look on your face. Now, you have Tissot coming up with a system that allow you to see how their watches look on your wrist. It seems that Tissot teamed up with a London department store, Selfridges for this virtual shopping system. The 3D technology was made available through augmented reality technology.
Way to go! Hope they extend this technology to clothes department store too! I don't have to queue up to try dresses. :p


smallkucing said...

waving hands at legs to agree with your regarding the cloths in shopping complex..but then the down side might be have to queue up to view :(

Anonymous said...

I wear Tissot.

fufu said...

i want tag heuer :)
but well good marketing idea!

Diah said...

Thanks for Sharing!

[SK] said...

by the time you don't have to queue up for fitting, perhaps you need to queue up for the virtual technology :p

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